Thursday, November 22, 2012


your relatives died for the new world order it does not matter what war they were in or where they were when they died they were fighting a war that was planned very carefully by the ruling class of the world. the enemy is stupidity and ignorance. the enemy is you and you programming. every war that we are fighting now at this very minute is a war planned and outlined by our own government. and you are nothing but a money machine to these monsters of darkness.

they know that most of you are dumb as a box of rocks and will believe anything they tell you. how does it feel to be this stupid and clueless? how does it feel to be a coward and a traitor? how can you sit back and do nothing when you know I am right. look at your kids. go and look at them right now and tell me how it feels. you must come out of your sleep and start to work on the front lines of this movement to take this Country back.

you must think about the future of your children. you must sell everything you have and move off the grid. you must show the powers that be that you are awake and alive. take you money out of the banks and get rid of the credit in your local communities to prepare for what is coming very soon. train your kids as to the dangers that they will and are even now facing. watch documentaries, set together and talk about this. teach yourself first, study hard and realize just what kind of danger you are in, develop a plan of action and store up some things so when it all comes down you will be ready.

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