Thursday, November 22, 2012


advocates and activists never change. they never alter their course of action and they never lay down on the job. many of you just do not know how to deal with me and Mary. we are always on like the every ready bunny. we stand for freedom and what is right. we are not part time radicals and we do not like people who talk out of one side of their mouth like those in Washington. we love all of you, each and everyone of you.

we will die if necessary in order to take this Country back from the banking cartels and others who have hijacked all that we have. big brother is on the move and soon will be coming to a community near you. I hope at this very moment you and your family are preparing to talk to everyone who comes over for dinner about the hard stand we have to take in order to protect the children from the new world order.

as I have said so many time before most of you are so ingrained and programed in the system that you will all die blind and deaf to the realities of what is and has been happening to you. it is so much easier to just go with the flow. it is so much more safe to just sit back on your ass and let the warriors do all the work. we have been stripped of the law of the land, common laws have been buried in the rule of law and you all are being trained at this very moment to worship the new world council. please think about what I am saying here today and talk to your older kids about it. 
study to show thyself approved and worthy. our government is so corrupt and works on bribes and fraud. it does its best work in secret. please stand with us to educate the people of this once great Nation. stand with us to reclaim our freedoms.

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