Sunday, November 11, 2012


we must now go out and continue to build bridges among the people. we must strive to put ourselves last in many cases and others first to really make a lasting impact and set the example for our young and upcoming citizens. we moved into this RV and gave up the comforts that most of you have to stay centered and completely aware of those who have little. it is so easy to forget the homeless, hungry, naked, lost lonely, depressed when sitting in a comfortable, safe, clean, secure home sipping on a warm cup of hot chocolate.

we do critical outreach. most of you do no outreach at all and if you do it is just putting money in a jar at some store or donating cloths and other junk to the multi billion dollar good will. in order for the Country to pull out of this tail spin everyone is going to have to become masters of critical outreach. we are at the breaking point people and this illusion of safety and security will soon cave in and you will fall in with it. there is no more ownership in the US. you own nothing at all and most of you are so far in debt you will never climb out.

the only thing that might save us if we stop feeding the dragon. most of you are gluttons. you are pigs at the trough, selfish and greedy to the core and your kids are turning out the same way because the nut does not fall far from the tree. in my humble opinion super spoiled kids should be in jail and the parents taken out and whipped. most Americans are rotten to the core. they have had to much to fast. they have been taught to get all you can get and fuck everybody else.

of course we play a good game and act like little angels when we are out in the public but most do not really care. I mean really really care enough to give up what they have for someone else.soon we will be forced to do this, this Country is propping itself on toothpicks now. it is empty. it is broken beyond complete repair however we still have a slim chance to bring it back to some sense of normalcy. please join the destinie radio network and help us keep the airways free and the people informed. we are in the streets where these lost people are. we are at ground zero every day and at night. out in the rain the cold, the snow and we are in danger much of the time. wont you help us even if you can't be out here with us. thank you .

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