Saturday, July 14, 2012


Let me say in all due respect that easy love is not love at all. Today Heather and I stood and watched one of our hospice patient's daughters holding a vial of morphine in her hand watching her mother linger and suffer the most disgusting pain known to man kind. Her fever was 107. Her brain was boiling. She had uncontrollable bowels. Her body had been pricked from head to toe with needles to find blood. The daughter says, "should I kill her? should I help her go?" As her mother's eyes are fixed upon the morphine with a tear running down her left cheek while grunting with moans of anguish that say please put me out of my misery.


Do we love this daughter? Do we kill this patient out of love? And what about the 60 plus homeless seniors we bring into our RV who haven't had a bath in over a month, defecation stains all over their rear end, veterans who fought for this country in a war designed for power and money. A war that was created by the United States to dominate and control those around the world at the expense and blood shed of hundreds of thousands of innocents. All in the name of God, democracy, wealth, power, and dominance.


Do we love these mothers hooked on crack and meth that let their babies starve and pawn them to the highest bidder because the drug has such a hold them? Do we love those mothers?


You see the kind of love I am talking about here. This is real love. To be able to love those that most would hate. To be able to love those that hate God. To be able to love those who are of a different religion, dogma, creed, or experience. To love those who strongly disagree with the way we live and think.


Feel good love, new age love is not love at all. This is something that I have to make clear to everyone. For if new age love was love and even the love that supposedly comes out of the 350,000 plus churches in this country we would not be in the situation we are in today. There would be no starving children and families. The country would not be completely broke and we would not be invading the Middle East killing 100s of thousands of men, women, and children at this very moment that I type this.


I want you all to think deeply about what I have said here today. I have lived all of these things. I have witnessed each and everything I have spoke of in this work today. We must take time to redefine our definition of love.


Thank you - Kiler Davenport

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