Saturday, July 14, 2012


It is time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their brothers and sisters. We must kill the illusion of the self as hard as that may be. We must reach out to those who we do not understand. We must learn to listen with a keen sense and a special focus.

We can choose to stay divided. We can choose to hate. We can choose to be self centered but at what cost to us, to our fellow man, to our kids and their kids. Division is the weapon that has been given to us by the dragon to keep us in submission. Most of you will never understand this. Many of you will mock my words. Most will ignore what I have to say. However, it will be at your own peril and it will accelerate your own destruction.

I continue to type in caps to break you out of the box you have built around yourselves and to show you how programmed you really are. If Jesus typed in caps would you read. If George Strait did it would you listen. What about Bon Jovi or Bruce Springsteen. We are destroying ourselves from the inside out. The walls around us are killing us all. The time has come to break out, to stand up and stand out, to organize and over throw what seeks to imprison and kill us. The kind of love we have learned is shallow and conditional. It will not and has never worked to bring us as a nation together. Each of you are locked into your constructed realities and will be hard pressed to escape this hell on earth.

You are so self centered, so one sided that you are operating on and in a severely broken system with rules that do not apply anymore. Deadly and dangerous problems require drastic measures. The powers that be, the high global council would like nothing more than for you to keep silent, to be obedient, and subservient.

I know how to kill this dragon. I know how it operates as many of you do. However unless we mount and ride we have very little time before it swallows all of us whole. I am calling for 10,000 people to respond to this call – all races, creeds, colors, religions, doctrines, beliefs, experiences, and socioeconomic status.

After much study, contemplation, introspection, research, and 500 shows later. I have come to a very intense and terrifying conclusion which should be obvious to many of you. Division is destroying us all. Distorted egos are creating a rift between us.

Many of you talk about dark forces. Many of you talk about the watchers, the reptilians, Jesus Christ, dogmas, creeds, ideas, concepts, inventions, activities, and projects.

After much introspection I have determined that this alone is our downfall. This alone will be the cause of our self destruction.

If we are to survive this coming age we are going to have to find a way to come together in strength and solidarity. We are going to have to find a way to get along. We are going to have to put ourselves on hold for the sake of all.

I have a plan that has come, not just from me, but from many great minds that I have interviewed. These mentors were even skeptical that this is possible due to the walls that separate us all.

I want to speak to the Christians first – those who believe in religion as their Sunday morning savior, their wednesday night whim, their special dinners, activities and projects that seem to exclude those who do not believe the way they do. You Christians have the power, if consolidated into one massive force, to overcome the world with love, compassion, forgiveness, discernment, intuitiveness, and the all encompassing agape. But you have not. You have the power of one of the greatest weapons ever created by man. The power of the true god of the universe, the one that you worship in Sunday services, the one in most cases you do your best to emulate.

Now I would like to speak you humanists, atheists, and agnostics. You all proclaim to live in the world of logic, reason, common sense. You claim to have love and compassion for those around you. You claim to be the masters of your own destiny (Agnostics excluded of course).

Now I want to speak to you new age people of the light. What are you doing to further the cause of unity, compassion, solidarity, reason, logic, and all encompassing love.

If one was looking down from above they would be saying why are these people so divided, hateful, self indulgent, vain, egotistical, hard to get along with, grumpy, set in their ways, living in their little bubbles, houses with glass ceilings, illusions, self made constraints, greed, selfishness, insecurities, and phobias.

My vision is this – we need to elect leaders within all of our groups who are willing to set their own agendas aside to come together and form an organization that will seek to infuse explosive capacity, bring about solidarity, strive for consensus, and set a course and direction for this new age. Yes there will be leaders in this new movement and there will be followers that will be chosen by their activities, knowledge, experience, commitment, dedication, and overall wisdom that they have acquired over the years. Those who have struggled to see beyond their circumstances. Those who cannot only visualize love but who can glean capacity to see into the hearts of men, women, and children. Those who cannot see the big picture. Those who are not afraid to live by the words of masters from times past.

This opportunity is one that will change history. It will set a new course on face book. It will in time overcome the many obstacles that plague us all.

It seems to me there are dark forces at work here. Invisible entities, anomalies, and phenomena that are unseen yet very powerful. I am willing to open my secret group Omega 1 to those servant leaders who want to over come those dark forces and challenge the establishment that seeks to eliminate the working class. I am also calling for a most radical and unorthodox transition. I am asking those who are willing to completely close their poetry and other groups and move to one massive powerful forum which the elected leaders can form. I myself being one.

Omega 1 is a secret group. It has many loving, caring, and compassionate people inside. We are not afraid to speak our mind. We are not afraid to express our true feelings. We are not afraid to cry, to be depressed, to reach out for a hand to hold, a prayer or digital hug. We are also not afraid to attack the current establishment and put our own lives at risk for exerting our right to free speech.

Some of you may be asking by now – What will I get out of this? How will it benefit me? Well I already see you as a part of the problem and not a part of the solution. At this point in time all groups that I belong to are farting in the wind. They are doing absolutely nothing to help kill this massive corporate starving dragon that never seems to get filled out there to step forward and join this worthy endeavor.

I am willing to make all current administrators lead administrators in the new group if you decide to close your poetry group or other group down and move to the new group Omega 1 (which will remain secret). If you do not want to close your group I would still expect you to join Omega 1 if not to teach to learn, to be informed, to be empowered, to be educated, trained, to show thyself more approved in working towards these common goals.

Many of you know that we are former investigative reporters and undercover operatives. We have very strong reason to believe that some type of disaster, calamity, or destruction is at our doorstep. Time is of the essence. I am going to ask those who understand these words of wisdom and this call to order to private message me and say yes Kiler put me in. I am ready to put myself aside and work toward the common good to help you develop programs, activities, projects that will help preserve the future of our species and create a safe, healthy, productive, prosperous life for our children and grandchildren.

I also want to make our internet public radio station, which reaches the world, available and at your disposal 24 hours a day. I want to elect and call for volunteer public radio producers within this new movement for change we are forming.

Please do not think that you have to have any extra special gifts to be in this group. I say that because many of you have expressed to me that you feel like you have nothing to offer. And feel that the problem is too massive and out of hand for any changes to be made in the world. That is simply the lie that we do not want to believe. There is nothing more powerful than people coming together to fellowship, share ideas and information, develop strategies, formulate alternatives and set both short term and long term goals and objectives.

I am also going to offer massive discounts on publishing your ebooks to those who writers and poets who are exclusive members of Omega 1. You will also have an opportunity to speak your mind, guest host, or even host your own show in the Destinie Public Radio Network (

This group will be a forerunner. It will set the pace and the pulse for the whole world. I had much rather start and fail than to do nothing at all and let our world crumble around us as it is doing at this very moment. You may not believe this but our current government, high council, vatican, british monarchy, or the illuminati as some of you call it, are sitting back at this very moment laughing at our ineptness, our inability to come together in solidarity, our incompetence, our ignorance, and our lack of any cohesive coordinated strategic plan to fight this diabolical dragon that is consuming the world as we know it.

You will not have to give up your independence to join this movement. In fact this group will increase your independence and self empowerment. It will make you a part of something much bigger than yourself. It will allow you to speak with power and authority when interacting with other individuals and groups. Let us prove the nay sayers wrong. Let us make this work.

I am calling for 10,000 strong in this powerful movement. I will ask all of you as members to go out and aggressively recruit others to be a part of this dynamic and powerful idea. I will also be calling for boycotts even if small and targeted to local products and services speak very loudly to the corporate elite.

I am going to post this document so many times you are going to get sick of looking at it. If any of you do not want to come into this organization, project, activity, movement, whatever you want to call it. I would like for you to be mature enough to tell me why. You can make that rebuttal public or private I do not care.

Thank you for your time. I expect replies coming in as soon as possible. As we have no time to lose. And if you think we do then I see you as part of the problem and not a part of the solution.

Ten thousand of us can move mountains. We can bring congress to its knees and affect the global economic future. Before you denounce what I am saying here think of your children and grandchildren. Also think of those who are feeble, chronically ill, mentally ill, homeless, unemployed, imprisoned falsely by a government who seeks to destroy, oppress, and imprison the very people that keeps the well oiled engine of the corporate dragon running.


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