Friday, August 2, 2013

Shit For Brains by Kiler Davenport

When I write about the current brain drain that is taking place at lightning speed around the world people get really upset and violent. They ask me what makes me think I am so smart and just what are we doing to save the world. We (our team & our station) is out there on the front lines doing what these idiots doing the name calling should be doing. We are in for the long haul and intend to stay. And yes Americans have been programmed and are being programmed to be stupid, passive, spoiled, defensive, and down right lazy.

They (we) have been blessed or cursed, however you want to look at it, with everything we need to be secure, safe, happy, healthy, productive, and prosperous. Yet with all of this we are still sinking away into the abyss. Most all our systems are failing. Our leaders are corrupt and on the take. Our people are so divided on the big issues of the day that problems will never be solved adequately.

We bitch, moan, complain, rant, rave, scream, yell, and holler and to no avail. People just can't seem to come together long enough to solve the really important, dangerous, and critical problems that are destroying us slowly but surely.

What is behind all of this? How did it all begin? What is feeding and sustaining the monster of mind control? I would say the times, the culture, greed, selfishness, ignorance, and vanity.

Everything seems to be moving in a direction that will soon make us extinct or at least something completely unrecognizable. We have already morphed into something our ancestors would not even comprehend or respect and of course we believe we are so special and normal.

I am on the hunt for zombies, lame brains, and air heads. We must find them and try and contain them long enough to figure out what to do with them. If we let them run loose they will infect others especially the children. They are multiplying like rats in the sewer. They are destroying our most critical institutions and are on the forefront of gun control and other pending legislation that will ultimately seal our fate and bring us to our knees as a nation.

These liberal lame brains are a scourge on the landscape of liberty and justice for all and we must find a way to cut them off at the pass. Most of these folks are completely clueless as to how the process of government really works at the core level. They are trying to be and even consider themselves good citizens under the control of and mostly happy with this current form of government.

We call them the empty headed middle class. Those who just follow along and believe everything the mainstream media tells them. They attend political rallies, pay their taxes, do as they are told, believe almost any lie put before them and will surely brainwash or at least try and manipulate their children to follow off of this deep and dangerous cliff.

Air heads would never think of challenging the status quo or going hard against the grain. Mostly because they are just plain stupid and clueless as to how things work.

These zombies are out in critical mass and, as I said before, their numbers are growing exponentially. My advice is not to date one. Never marry one. Please do not sleep with one (well I take that back). They are good for that. Just avoid them at all cost and if you are forced to be in close quarters where them.

Try your best to deprogram for this is our only hope.

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