Sunday, July 14, 2013

That Is The Question by Kiler Davenport

Is it unquestionable to question which is questionable even though the question will only bring unending questions that will inevitably lead to more and more questions. If one should ask "why is the sky blue". Should we not question the question and the answer. For not one person on this earth can say with certainty why the sky is blue. A much more interesting question would be "why do we say the sky is blue" or "how do we think we know the sky is blue".

All of these questions are based on inferences or assumptions. Well you can say "what would it be like if we did not define these things" and my answer to that would be "just fine".

Our very nature seems to be based on very well defined parameters and structure. Yet when asked where we came from, where we are, or where we are going not one person can give a definitive answer.

If we do not in any way know our origin, present position, or destination then how may I ask can we assume to know anything else.

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