Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Inner Circle by Kiler Davenport

Why do so many cover themselves in blankets of bullshit to hide the depths of the soul on fire. Why put on the faces that others want us to wear just to somehow to try and fit in. We all do it some more than others and still some are forever lost in this bottomless pit of fakery.What would the world be like if each one of us could just be ourselves no matter how strange or bizarre, no matter how sickening or shocking. How have we become so shallow and afraid?

Sure there are outgoing and even crazy folks out there who relish their uniqueness and bask in the fact that they are different but they are very far and few between. Most just follow along as best they can. They live to please others and play the game of fools even if it bars them from ever seeing who or what they really are inside.

It is so risky to come out, even dangerous to many and I am not just talking about diversity here. I am talking about radical behavior and cutting edge living and thinking. I am sure you know someone like this or have some of these traits yourself.

Many of you lead double lives. Many of you are saints on Sunday and serial killers on the weekend. Well maybe not so drastic but you get my point.

I have always had a knack for getting people to open up to me and spill the beans about their secret lives. It just happens with almost everyone I meet. I believe this is a gift and a curse. It is a massive responsibility to carry around all of these secrets and very awkward to be out and around with all of this dirty laundry during social gatherings and special events.

Each one of them look at me as if to say how cool is this because they all know that I could destroy them and ruin their reputations yet I remain silent and loyal to the core and believe me there is power in this. It gives me a sense of honor and places me in an eternal position of trust with all who I come in contact with.

Most of you cannot and will not keep secrets. You can't wait to go out and spew the rumors, bullshit, innuendo, and personal heartfelt trusted confessions of even those you are supposedly close to. Oh yeah sooner or later it comes out in one form or another. It just slips through the cracks in your shallow and clueless brain. I have made it my business to learn how to keep secrets and win and keep people's trust.

I do not trust human beings as far as I can throw a thousand pound rock. However there is a selected few who have passed my rigorous and almost impossible test. We have our ways of knowing who we can trust and why. This is why we (our little group) are so off the radar and hard to locate or know of our goings on because we surrounded with traitors and back stabbers.

We, meaning my inner circle, are in continuous testing mode. We are constantly gathering data and intel on people to see if they might be a fit in our group. Those outside our group have no earthly idea what they are missing by being blabber mouths and rats. Sure we keep them around in the peripheral and even really like some of them to a point but they will never have the privilige of entering the inner circle and this is a dirty shame because it would change their lives forever.

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