Friday, August 2, 2013

This Long Road To Nowhere by Kiler Davenport

When I hear people say "Kiler you can't change the world my friend" or "I used to believe I could change the world but now I know that I can only change me" it really makes me sick to my stomach. We change the world every second of the day for better or for worse like it or not. Unless you are a complete idiot you must know that you are a vital link in this massive puzzle we call existence or life.

When most folks say they can't change the world what they are really saying is that they just gave up the fight or run out of energy and passion. I am hearing people say this more and more at all ages and in all kinds of places. Its almost as if there is some unseen and diabolical force at work here. I know it sounds crazy even to me and I am way out of the box but what else could it be.

We are living in a very dangerous and some would say deadly times. Our freedoms are being stripped away as fast as old wall paper. Our skies are filled with poisons of unknown origin. Our waters are being polluted by our own people. Our food has become something of a mystery and is evolving into deadly games and practices that could alter our way of living or even kill us. This is most assuredly already happening all over the world and this is so much talked about new world order seems to have an agenda that would make the most skeptical person sit up and take notice. Yet we continue to buy into all of this sick science.

We feed and nourish this corrupt and twisted government as if it were our pimp. Yes I believe we have become whores in this systems. Sluts and slaves of the system. We have not only bought into this NWO system. We helped and continue to help build it and make it stronger at every turn. We buy GMO. We run up our credit cards. We fall into the deadly trap of rent to own. We do not save money. We buy all kinds of things we can't afford. We destroy much more than we build up at least in the sense of environment and personal development.

We are civilized savages hell bent on getting our fair and equitable share no matter who the hell it hurts. For every one good thing we do there are countless tragedies going on all around us. Are you a do gooder? Are you one of those touch feelie, new age, air headed, clueless people who would rather deny reality at the expense of millions who are suffering in unspeakable places where most lame brains will not go.

This article is harsh and brutal. It touches the core of what is wrong in the US. The down right refusal of people to put themselves, family, and friends on the line and in the line of fire in order to bring back and preserve a way of life that was safe and sustainable for those ones who will come after us.

Not one of us can say that we have done our share of the real work up there on the firing line. We are a nation of spoiled brats and passive lame brains. You know who and what you are. I do not have to come and pull you out of the crowd for you to be identified. People who have had a taste of this war already know who you are and where you live.

I have already said so many times before Americans are always there to do the body count and create the excuses for our never ending quest to be the best at everyone else's expense.

The Middle East is a perfect example and one that will continue to destroy the lives of our brave men and women who have been somehow conned into believing that the boogee man is there and we need to kill him and all those around him.

If liberalism does not kill us it will surely keep us shackled to the idea that we are somehow responsible for policing the world.

It seems another liberal fool is born every second and because of this the body count is rising to a point of no return.

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