Friday, February 21, 2014

Understanding Bio Photon Emissions By Kiler Davenport

We are not just in an energy field. We are the energy field and we are surrounded by energy fields of others and objects in the environment. We say people are awake or asleep depending on their ability to deal with reality as well as create their own realities. To be fully awake does not mean that one has to avoid suffering, pain, and destruction. On the contrary it means that one is able to move through these energies without being drained of one's own life giving and healing force.

Most are running on very low power and have closed off the gates to even receive what is coming in from the universe. Little invisible switches are turning on and off depending on one's state of mental health and capacity.

Our physical reality is the manifestation of the source of all matter, time, space and mystery. Many of you have been infected by this highly toxic world created by man and his machines. You I have become accustomed to this toxic environment and even nourish it. It is the culture we live in and the children have been indoctrinated to live this way also.

Most of you will never escape this dark and empty place. Your children are doomed to hell on earth and their children. This is hard for many of you to grasp.

There is a way of escape but it would require you to completely disregard almost everything you have ever believed. It requires sacrifice and hard work. At the end of the day the majority will stay in this dark and empty place. They are too lazy to change for it is difficult and impossible for most.

We do not live in a physical place. We are not who or what we think we are. We exist in one of trillions and trillions of possible realities. The external world is a reflection of our inner being and attitude.

This matrix reacts and responds to the collective in a very powerful and eternal way and this is very hard to understand.

I will be doing many shows on this and explaining how all of these things work. The powers that be so not want you to be fully aware and awake and will do anything to keep you in the dark. It is up to you to really listen to those of us who have mastered this complex matrix. We are here to teach you and guide you.

I am available for private consultation and I do not charge for my services. This knowledge will give you back your personal power and allow you to become. It will also give you insight into the world around you and help you see in ways you have never seen before.

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