Friday, February 7, 2014

An Escript From "Touch Me Real" By Kiler Davenport

We do not need a president what we need are tribal leaders. Cross community leaders that listen to the people. The population has grown way to large and this is why it is so out of hand and why the government is working on a depopulation plan.

Globalism will not work because it serves only the rich and powerful. It leaves the poor and sick at the mercy of the rich and powerful. This government will not be deconstructed because people are so lazy and clueless. They are used to being told what to do and how to do it and when to go to work, what to wear, and when to come home and everything else. They are good slaves.

It would take 50 years to construct any kind of natural and safe environment at this point and that would only happen if we were in complete revolt. This system needs to be abolished completely and I do not see that happening at all. We must deal head on with these issues or be clueless ourselves. These are very important questions that must be asked.

Goodness will not fix this. Love will not fix this and being clueless will not. It will take force and direction and energy and passion and coordination.

Presidents are under the total and absolute direction of the mega rich and there is nothing that one person can do about this. We have built this system and we have ingrained this culture.

The people are sheeple and they are completely programmed and indoctrinated to this system. The poor have not the skills or the intelligence to run this massive and complex world. Most cannot balance a check book.

Governments do not run on good intentions and love and caring. This machine runs on money, power, war, and domination. All of these powerful and controlling forces would have to be completely overcome in order to deconstruct or change anything.

Folks have been taught from an early age to bow down to this system. They have been trained like animals to be passive and suck off the system. The best kind of slave as you know is one who believes them self to be free.

Nothing in the books even hints that this system is bad. Reality is all made up and magic. It is all based on perception and experience and a million other factors. People must change the way they see reality and they must be educated in science, astrophysics, social science, history, farming, agriculture, quantum physics, they need to learn to read and study and question reality and authority.

We have a 250,000,000,000 dollar debt at this time and that number is growing fast. We are printing money like drunken fools. Trillions are kept in offshore banks by the rich. This money was taken from those who work for a living - the slaves and what those slaved do. They continue to be good little slaves.

The founders were a bunch of white racists. They cared not for the common man. Read your correct history people. I hold my words back believe it or not. I know how this system works from the inside out. But the people here could not understand the most basic elements of this.

This government is one that is devoted to the mega rich. They do not give a rats ass about what you and I are doing. They have this system completely controlled and these new age folks are clueless and stupid. I am not the least bit sorry for telling the truth.

We are the most clueless nation on this planet. We consume and waste more than any other country in the world. We are divided and confused and the government loves it this way. Ten million should rise up and take arms and put this government out of business as many countries are doing at this moment. However many will die and the children will suffer. But if we do not do this (and we will not) nothing will ever change and anyone who says different is a complete idiot.

When I speak, I speak as one who sees through the dark veil. I speak as one who has smelled the dead and held the dead and the dying. I have walked in the blood and guts of those caught up in this shit. Those who understand my words are in waiting for me for they know what we have done and they realize that we will pay and the children will pay. We will all pay through the teeth more than you can even imagine.

Americans are dead beats. They love the easy way, the short path, the good deal. Most refuse to give up what they have and get off the grid and build communities like we do.

These kids today are completely clueless and continue to be blind and stupid. We live in the matrix of infinity. We are traveling beyond the speed of light out into this void. Particles clashing and banging and dancing. Enjoy the matrix. Take it all in. I can teach any of you who want to learn how to make it through all of this. But your ego will stop you from learning and grasping. I am the watcher.

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