Saturday, February 22, 2014

Completely Clueless By Kiler Davenport

The most dangerous thing is that the completely clueless do not know they are clueless. They live in this little emotional box and reality is far from them. I see the zombies walking the streets on this town and they have blank looks on their faces. Their children are nuts off the tree of clueless.
People hate to see me post these things but we must realize that this is a big issue in these dangerous times. As a matter of fact the most important and pressing issue. Many are so hung up in their own twisted existence that they are blind to what is really going on around them.I believe that it is the responsibility of a alternative radio to ram this issue home and bring it to the front line of debate.

I work with and am a client of mental health system here in the great northwest and I find so many others in this system that are completely in touch and in tune with the realities of the day. They are awake and alert to all that is going on they know something is amiss. They see behind the dark and dangerous walls of this new world order and they do not claim to be normal nor do they want to be clueless normal.

We talked about thus yesterday and discovered that normal is the problem. The government wants you to be normally enslaved and normally clueless. They look at all of this immature lamebrain air headed bull shit here on fake book and laugh their heads off. As I always say ye shall know them by their post their words their deeds.

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