Sunday, May 11, 2014

Death Does Not Take A Vacation By Kiler Davenport

Death never takes a vacation and the killing never stops and this new world order will not rest until all if you are in complete submission and on your knees like dogs. Most off you are well on your way and your kids are learning how to be good little slaves just like mommy and daddy. Are you clueless as to what I am saying here? Did your kids fall off the nut tree?

We have all become slaves in this illegal corporation we call the USA. How long before you come out of your sleep. Most here are dumb as a box of rocks when it comes to international affairs and how these things affect all if us.

Today we honor the mothers and tomorrow we let this moment fade into the void and go back to clueless ville.

This government is completely controlled by external forces that has the intention of killing millions of Americans one way it another. I know this is very hard to believe for some of you. Impossible for others but none the less true.

How much longer are you going to believe the lies and the fraud and the scam. What will you do about my words that you read here. Will you teach your children not yo bow to this order. Will you come out of your clueless sleep and fight with all of your might.? Are you willing to die to protect your children from these monsters? The majority of you are a big part of this overall problem because of your lack of wisdom in these areas. You are spoiled, lazy, comfortable and clueless. Your kids do not have a chance in hell of escaping your influence. What will you do?

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