Monday, March 31, 2014

We are out to eat and I have never seen so many fat people in all of my life

I cannot believe these people that are going back for their 7th and 8th plate that way over 300 pounds this is like being in some fat pig Twilight Zone how can people eat this much it seems impossible I watch them go back first place 2nd place third plate fourth plate plate it's ridiculous. I just found out they're getting this mall where we are they're moving all of the small mom and pop shops out and moving in big mega-corporations my voice computer commands said getting but I meant getting there getting this mall and they are moving me in large corporations and moving out all of the small mom and pop shops okay so voice command will not take the word goody goody goody so I guess I'll have to say they're tearing this small down in restructuring it from the inside out to move all of the local mom and pop businesses out and move all of the large corporations in what a bunch of shit

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