Monday, March 3, 2014

Does the Universe Care? by Kiler Davenport

 Does the universe really care about how we feel, act, think and talk? Was the earth made for us or us made for the earth or no one of the above? Are we really one with each other? Do we possess all the same stuff and are we some kind of collective? Does God really care what we do or did God just drop us off and leave? What if infinity rules? Can you prove that right and wrong even exist? Do you believe in hell fire? I never believed in hell but I always believed in God.
Christians to me are so limited in their thinking. I find that they are under a spell. They are taught to not think for themselves or ask hard questions. Most folks in the US are so damn dumb and completely clueless when it comes to issues concerning world events and global activities. History is a fantasy and a complete mystery that we must make up.
If the urge to save our children was as strong as the need to have sex and have them we would solve all of these pressing issues in a very short time. People use each other to get what they want and they are not easy to trust especially here on fake book.
This is a hodge podge of foolishness and stupidity which is the culture of today. We are so divided that even those with true wisdom are left out in the cold. The chemicals that fall from the air and those in the food supply are killing us. The children are being brought up by clueless lamebrains in most cases.
Where will it all end and will we ever change is the question and this is what keeps me on the air.

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