Sunday, December 16, 2012


the key to good relationships is open, honest deep, truthful communication between two mature people. you must let each other be. you must never try and control your mate or in any way try and dominate them. you must except each other good bad and ugly. there is no exception to this rule unless of course one gets completely out of control and hurts another with physical harm or torments one with mental abuse.

many people should not be together because they both have so much baggage.
people like this are drawn together many times because they are outcast and are attracted to others like themselves. if you do not trust the person you are with it is not their fault it is yours. remember this and learn from it. they are who they are and you are who you are and that is just the way it is. the only way they will ever get better is for you to leave the issue alone and do not be bothered by it. just let them know you know and that you will not by a stepping stone for their crazy path. you can love anyone from a distance without getting in the path of their dysfunction.

the worst thing that can happen is when you think you are going to fix everyone, you end up destroying yourself and hurting everyone around you. with people like this it is better to just try and be friends and not sexual partners or lovers. if you do not heed my words you deserve everything and more that comes from these experiences.

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