Friday, December 21, 2012


darkness has crept into the heart of man. he hides and perverts in the secret places.
do you not think that God will see you and will punish. have you no brain at all. you will not escape the hand of the God that made you. you are not God. the light is not in you. do you really believe we can save ourselves and get through this alone. I say
no we can not. look around you and see the killing and destruction. feel the darkness.
pain and suffering are everywhere all brought about by man and his machines. do
you really believe that you are somehow special and will get off without charge. fathers teach your children to bow before the Lord and do not forsake the teachings of the elders. we are the ones that have seen this hell that the prophets spoke of and it is here now upon the earth, it is you and your wicked ways.

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