Wednesday, August 1, 2012


to wake up is to kill the self, with all its foolishness and folly, the answer is in silence.
what is out there is what others are creating, others are projecting and thinking.
you have one small part in that moment and that is when you connect with them.
our so called human reality is based upon connections and networks in the system.
they are neither good, bad, or indifferent. they simply are whatthey are and that is it.

it is our interpretation that makes the difference in the outcome and carriers us on.
interpretation is meaningless unless one understands how this trick works.
you are standing just outside the doors of this wonderful mystery,it beckons you.
most of you will die completely blind and stupid, never realizing your potential.
you have been trained for years to reject wisdom and lavish the lies and propaganda.
their are masters upon this earth who have come and are here to help you.
they speak contrary to everything you have ever been taught, can you see them.
their words are like a burning fire the cannot be quenched their tongue a sword.
your false ego will kill you,what you think you know will destroy you and you will die.
I will be speaking of these things over the next few months in detail,you may listen.
time is short for you and yours,you must put away old things and open your ears.

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