Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Open Hearts by Kiler Davenport

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Let us open our hearts to you Lord
Let us proclaim our love for you
Let us fellowship together
Let us forgive one another our sins
As you have forgiven us
May our every thought be of you
Our daily walk be with you
Our every deed for you
May we think of you coming in and going out
May our life be a reflection of you
Our death a connection to you
Let us be consumed with your love
Pardoned by your mercy
Humbled by your grace
Teach us oh Lord not to be hurt by each other
May we learn to lift each other up
As you have lifted us
May we learn to seek wisdom as she cries
In the streets of our fallen city
May we learn to help one another in time of need
Help us not to judge one another least
We be judged also by you

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