Monday, January 31, 2011

Complex Communications

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Why do people lie, cheat, steal, mame, and murder? What is the root cause of all their chaos? Why is there so much hate and anger in the world? Why do so many totally disregard the laws of the land? Some would say it was the Devil’s fault. Others in the scientific community would call it abnormal psychology, neurosis, or psychosis.

There are a few things we know for sure.

Human beings are capable of anything.
What ever can happen almost certainly will over time.
Whatever one vividly imagine, ardinently desire, and enthusiastically acts upon will come to pass sooner or later.
A fool and his money are soon parted.

One other thing we know for sure is that as a species we know not where we come from. We possibly have no idea where we are.

For us to say we know anything for sure beyond the shadow of a doubt is absurd. The only possible thing anyone anywhere can ever know for sure is that we don’t or can’t know anything for sure.

We live inside the illusion of time and space where thoughts become things and things bring forth thoughts, concepts, ideas, formulations, and computations. The unexplained is where we come from. The unknowable is who we are.

As conscious living beings we constantly strive to make since of what we call reality. When in fact reality may be trying to make sense of us.

Humans are such an over consuming, gluttonous, selfish breed. We’ve somehow managed to climb our way up out of the slime to invade this magnificent sphere like a band of drug crazed zombies devouring everything within site or hearing.

Existence breeds competition from the molecular to the universal. The big ones will always be eating the little ones. The strong will devour the weak. The wise will rule the ignorant. The rich will overshadow the poor.

This is called doing unto others before they do unto you and it is what most people do best whether they admit it or not. It is very unfortunate I think that we have evolved into such a dog eat dog world.

It is amazing if not astounding how a species can be so diverse and different and yet have so much in common. It makes one wonder if chaos is in some way responsible for the continuation of our existence and evolution.

The human being, a microbe on a spec of dust in a vast and endless space of a trillion, quadtrillion galaxies struggling to save itself from itself.

In our mindless quest to plunder the earth of all its beauty and natural resources. We have forced her revenge upon us.

We take and take and take without giving back her overdue return. How much longer can we pretend everything will be alright.

We are a guest upon this place. Parasites indeed. With the clock slowly ticking down we must pull together in every way possible to repair the tremendous damage we are doing not only to each other but to the ground beneath our feet.

Our government is only an extension of ourselves. Like the pen I write with is an extension of my arm and my arm an extension of my brain.

The outward appearance of things is a manifestation of my personal experience derived through massive multidirectional multi-sensory programming.

To know thyself is to know thy past. For one is only as good or bad as one’s ability to exercise control over one’s environment in a positive and productive way.

People are constantly surrounded by diverse influences that seek to persuade by their very nature. One must overcome the tendency to lean toward the negative influence with the positive appearance.

Remember for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

We have been endowed with the process of conscious reasoning which allows us to make choices based on past and present experience. On the surface it might seem like a very simple process. But to the trained and dedicated observer it is one of the most complex activities to be performed within time and space, hence reality.

Unfortunately many individuals have evolved into mindless drones who aren’t really aware and really don’t even care of this complex aray of variables going on both inside and outside of their environment.

(Know Thyself)

To conclude. We exist in a state of constant change to be highly sensitive and aware of the variables that are involved in these changes is to possess the sort of control necessary to avoid possible pitfalls and detours that might hinder one’s ability to overcome failure.

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