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APRI PRESENTS: Tuesday Night Roundtable With Host Kiler Davenport

So many are struggling with personal issues - lack of employment, unable to pay bills, loose friendships, bad relationships, faultering businesses, government red tape, mean and overbearing bosses, and a hoard of seemingly impossible obstacles.

The many members of our roundtable who travel through this revolving digital door will be talking about the essence of consciousness, reality and being. We will discuss the importance of linguistically based reality, culture, tradition, dogma and social interaction as well as science. We will touch on human relationships, the collective, community, unity, fellowship and religion. We will also discuss the fear that holds people back from success, a meaningful existence, economic stability and meaningful personal relationships. Come join us. Bring your questions, your answers, your doubt, pain, suffering and inconsistencies.

This roundtable will go indepth. It will dig the deepest well into these issues. This may be one of the most important two hours of your life. Bring your pen and paper. We ask all of you critics, nay sayers, spammers, hackers and party poopers to join us. You might even learn something too. See ya on air.

The many faces of Ed Roman are revealed through his creative, inventive, animated type form of thinking. His music writes reads and delivers like a fusion between a children’s book and a musical – full of wonder, delight, adventure and expectations.

Since Ed began playing, studying and writing music in the early 80’s he had diversified into many fields of music. You can say he’s had his hand in every facet of the creative process; from studio musician, songwriter, live performer and teacher. He has also been part of several bands including Brotherhood, Family Tree, Soup, Big Beat Collective and Special Ed and the Musically Challenged.
On May 26, 2011 Ed Roman released his latest CD titled “Oracles & Ice Cream”. The single “So I Breathe” leads the way with an upbeat, hand clapping song. “It’s a song that was written to uplift everyone in troubled times…” states Ed. In fact, listen to the lyrics and you’ll realize that life is great in spite of obstacles that one may face. Sung with emotion, free spirited with an almost floating feeling, this song truly makes your soul soar. 

As a composer Ed Roman is clever in placement of lyrics and sound. As a musical arranger, it takes innate skill to blend so many different types of sounds and textures together. Whether he writes funky jazz or fusion rock or urban folk music, there is one of many common threads that run through his songs, creativity, innovation, strong rhythms, layered vocals and harmonies and professional productions. He has crisp vocals with a playful type of animation to it which is the icing on this fabulous cake. 

“Intellect in music has its own sexiness”, states Ed Roman. “Music is missing that ‘change the world’ feeling. I don’t think we’ll ever see another John Lennon, but with my soon to be released CD “Oracles and Ice Cream” music is intelligent and sexy again…and may just change the world after all”.

The author C. William Clarke known on Facebook as Flowetic Justice has been working with his imagination since he was a teen. He began writing and illustrating his own original comic book stories at the age of thirteen. He dabbled in poetry a bit at fourteen but those few scripts evolved into rap. He began exploring the world of hip hop at fifteen. He has opened for legendary rap acts such as Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five , Dougie Fresh and Slick Rick , and L.L. Cool J.

He took a break from this while he majored in Psychology at New York University where he earned his degree . It was there that he learned due to his essays and talks with his professors that he had a knack for writing He then spent several years working in the mental health field as a drug and alcohol counselor and a clinical therapist. Due to a near fatal car accident,personal hardships, and emotional struggles he begin to write what he was feeling as a coping mechanism.He wrote his first public poem on Facebook in December 20`10 and has never stopped. He also picked back up where he left off on his musical endeavors.. 

He has worked with producers over seas as well as in the states under the name The L.E.J..He also released a well received rap album in 2009 entitled "Time to Blow" .
In 2010 and has won the Blood Sweat and Tears poetry slam and began to concentrate on writing his first poetry book. .Since then he has published six books "Thoughts of a Single Man-100 poems on 100 days" and "Thoughts of a Single Man Vol. 2 Poetry for the Grown and Sexy, The Erotica Files", " Love Letters", "Confessions of the Pen", " Ink Without Fear" and a man's mental health guide called" After She Leaves -A healing guide for the suddenly single male." all of which are available . He is releasing his second and final rap Cd's this year "Wanted for Spitting in the Streets" and " The City is Mme" , He will also be releasing a poetry /musical Cd this year excepts of which can be found at

He is also working on a graphic novel which he is also illustrating. as well as writing that should be finished by this summer called " Redemption Alley". He writes in all styles of poetry on multiple levels as well as stories in adventure. horror , and science fiction. He was also featured in a poetry collaboration, a individual poem, and a short erotic story in the book"Hot Summer Nights" available through And lastly he won the infamous blog radio Poetry After Dark's " Battle of the Metaphors" in December 2012 Find him on Facebook at and become lost in the endless rivers that flow from Justice Clarke also known as the "Thoughts of a Single Man".

Kiler Davenport's brain is constantly running. He ponders the things of the universe, human communications, existence, consciousness and the quantum realm. He loves to interview others to learn what runs deep in their minds. He lives outside of the box and outside the lines of constructed reality. Constantly imagining the unimaginable. Analytical, philosophical but thankfully embedded with common sense. He is a peace maker by escalation and deescalation. He tells it like it is. He wonders why it is like it is. He craves balance in a creative world. He knows the impossible is possible. He truly loves people in their essence. He sees beyond the surface. He realizes the light in this dark void we are surrounded by.  He is the Bureau Chief and Senior Executive Producer and On Air Host at Alternative Public Radio International.

He can be all things to all people. In his 58 years he has dealt with every personality imaginable in the human race. As you may already know his life's work has been caring for the elderly, advocating for them, and supporting them in this money driven and corrupt long term care system. He took care of his mother day and night. She was his shining star. As much as he loved her he still developed a severe case of caregiver burnout.

He has been a emergency medical technician, advanced life support paramedic for many years. He worked in forensic science dead body pick up. He grew up working in the embalming rooms of funeral homes. and he has burned over 300 bodies at the crematorium. He has held many a decapitated head in my hand - children, young adults, and old. He has worked two major plane crashes in the U.S. with all dead on board stacking bodies in diesel trucks to the max. He has worked on trauma teams, search and rescue and special operations.

He is a former investigator consultant to one of the largest news organizations in the world. The focus of his story was elder abuse. He has had three half way houses that housed over 150 people. and has had his share of failed and successful businesses. He is an ordained minister. He studies world religion including Zen, Hinduism, and other forms Eastern Mysticism.

He likes to shake people out of their comfortable tree, knock them off balance, keep them on edge. that is what makes the world turn. So there you have it a little bit about Kiler Davenport.

Richard M Knittle Jr. is a veteran of 2 services the US Navy and US Army National Guard with 3 Honorable Discharges, he has been a member of the Pro Rodeo Cowboy Association rodeo circuit as a Bull Rider in Southern California.

Richard grew up in Simi Valley, California just north of Los Angeles, he now resides in the Dallas - Fort Worth area.

Richard is a huge supporter of Fathers Rights and 50/50 Parenting and believes that PAS is mental child Abuse.

"DNA does not matter when you love you child."

"Every Single Child has the absolute right to have a relationship unhindered with both parents!"

"Poets often have conversations with their heart and soul
in a language their brain doesn't understand"
-Richard M Knittle Jr.

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