Thursday, November 6, 2014

Soul Play by Kiler Davenport

Let us meet. Let us touch each other in that secret way. Our eyes crossing in this space time continuum. Our senses heightened. Our awareness enlightened.

You want to touch me. I want to touch you in ways that are exclusive to the dark world. We fantasize about each other in the depth of our consciousness. We know that some how some way we will dance together naked. We will make our own music. We will slowly put our breath upon each other from head to toe without any expectation, reason or logic.

I will bring you into my castle. My world of everlasting pleasure. We will find those things that make us whole and rich and sensual and healthy together. There will be not one external diversion from this quest that we seek.

Our fantasies will go beyond the point of reason. Our physical interaction will travel beyond the point of expectation. I will make you one with me and you will consent and submit and we shall bow to that eternal god of ecstasy and completeness.

There is life and then there is living. There is intent and then there is action. We will not feel guilty for our mortal sins because we know that this is the way, the truth and the life.

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