Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Zombieville By Kiler Davenport

It is so very sad and very dangerous to see folks walking around not knowing that they are completely enslaved by the state we have a culture of really clueless people. The kids are in complete bondage and owned by the state. American citizens own nothing and cannot own anything. Everything belongs to the state and federal government. We have built a system based on credit and everyone has taken the bait hook, line and sinker. You are so used to enslavement that you do not fully realize that you are in complete bondage. Your children will and are growing up in total submission to this new world order. People have not been trained to take care of themselves and their children are lame in this area when the grid goes down and the s*** hits the fan. There will be so many innocent folks who will suffer and die. They will be lost and afraid because they did not prepare. The common people have not a clue as to how dangerous this world really is and they do not understand how Facebook is being used to enslave the adults and children and this is the way the government likes it. They love stupid spoiled clueless empty-headed Americans

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