Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Nation Out of Control by Kiler Davenport

The United States has become a nation out of control become a nation out of control A ship without a sail We are completely without direction And meaningful foresight The halls of our Congress have become sorely corrupted All in the name of the mighty dollar That green god of this world has been the fall of many To fall into outer darkness We are eating ourselves up from the inside The most dangerous threat to our security Is our own selves For men and women to fight and die So the wealthy and powerful elite Can fatten their already bulging pockets is a crime Against humanity and should be punished as such Our common citizens have been duped into holding up Supporting and in some cases even believing The lies that are spun from this dark dungeon We call one nation under God Too weak, demented, broken, and enslaved To rise up and take back what is rightly ours We continue to feed and nourish the monster We give ourselves to it like a lady in waiting We have become satisfied with crumbs From the waste on her table We have gotten used to being second class The enemy is among us It is not some third world dictator It is not some mad crazed group of terrorists It is us who have freely given ourselves Our children and grandchildren To the wolves in this hen house We call one nation under God

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