Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cold Hearts by Kiler Davenport

our hearts have grown cold,our ignorance blinds to the truth,we talk of unity with a forked tongue,our jealousy eats our insides out we wear the false face, we put on the dog, all dressed up and nowhere to go, hating the haves because we have not, begrudging those who have stepped up, flattering tongue's and double minds. white, black, brown, red we all must die and rot, dust in the wind we are, those haters will forever remain in darkness, fools they are, idiots, blasphemers, trouble makers, cons, liars, like dogs they run for the meat, they use the system while cursing it, foolishness comes in all colors shapes and sizes, you will know them by their fruits, one can follow the trail of a fake, they will hide in the shadows, lurking behind the like button, watching from a distance, white, black, yellow, red, soon we will all be dead, and then what, what will be your reason before the I AM, THINK PEOPLE, THINK

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