Saturday, March 23, 2013


the pen has nothing to do with the paper and the paper needs not the pen.
the writer has nothing to do with the writing and the writing has nothing to do with the reading or the written. where do these abstract illusions come from? how do they emerge inside the brain that has nothing to do with reality or non reality. where and how do these fictions arise and why. 
if my words are simply a state of mind what state is it and where did it come from if nothing is connected and all is a fiction. many of you believe in these illusions and delusions. many are programmed and indoctrinated into this strange affair. we beg for clarity and reason. we long to be understood and to understand. the objects of our desires and needs are but energy and spark connected by who knows what and from where. it is good for one to realize these oddities and mysteries. 
it is good for one to know that one is not one by any stretch of the imagination. we are all as of one pure energy manifested in countless ways and through multiple forms. be of good cheer and listen and ponder my words and wisdom and live, live to the fullest and be all that the you you believe yourself to be.

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