Wednesday, February 1, 2012



I am a Mother , and a Grandmother , who loves family and friends , raised in the Bay area and lives in Texas now going on 30 plus years , a woman who loves life , finds joy and happiness in everything . l rediscoverd the joy of poetry , writting with a pen , everything inspires me , from the swaying of a tree to birds flying by , the nature l love , the fellow Poets and their poetry , have all played a part of my becoming a Poetress , and l thank them most greatfully . The bleeding lnk dripping from line to line , leaven pieces of heart and soul for all to read, touching readers the way that l have been touched , in hopes that they may to find the magic in poetry , to grab a pen and let there emotions flow , through a pen leaven heart and soul , for the next generation to enjoy . . .

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