Friday, November 11, 2011



When you pray it is for you. It is all about you. You are praying to yourself. When you have faith and hope it is faithless and hopeless because you do not really believe in the object or reason behind the idea  or feeling you manifest. None of these things are real in the sense that you have or will make a supernatural connection with some invisible being force or entity out there somewhere. It is all just part of the illusion; the ongoing story; the process.

You are like a ship wtihout a sail. A blind man in a room with no doors. The process will never understand itself. It will never find the answer because the process is eternal. That is the mystery we must overcome if we are ever going to resolve our conflicts and deceptions.

The clay does not say to the potter "who am I". The rain does not say to the ground "I am coming down". The wind does not plan its mighty course.

Man's need for eternal bliss in some heavenly place is a form of insanity. It is complete foolishness. Our so called civilization and history is but a passing leaf blowing in the wind of eternity. Eternity is a figment of the mind. Time its enemy and constant companion. These are nothing but feeble mental concepts. Man's way of grasping, groping, and stumbling in this vast empty space.

One is all and all is one. However, that in no way implies unity, peace, compassion, empathy, love, forgiveness, harmony, and balance. These things are but constructs in the void. Ramblings of creatures who dance in the shadows of the cosmos; tricks of the senses; ectopic bleeps in the bowels of perception; electro-chemical impulses riding on the ether bound in the prison of molecular.

The manifestation is not the thing. The thing is not the essence. The observer observes the observed. The two are one and the one the same. Morality the root of all evil. The class struggle. The game of simpletons. He said - she said - we said. Ugly, fat, short, tall, smart, dumb - all one in the same. Tricks of the senses.

Be still. Hold the ground beneath your feet for that is where you will soon lie. For that is where you were before. Be still.

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