Monday, October 3, 2011



As we move closer to 2012 the world is in a severe state of confusion. The more powerful we appear to be the more powerless we are to solve even the most basic issues facing the nation and its people. It seems we have done too little too late to protect and preserve our future life sustaining resources vital to our survival and crititcal to those coming after us.

The internet and technology surrounding it has allowed us to communicate in ways that would have been thought absurd only 25 years ago. However more is not better; bigger is not always more powerful. I call this information overload.

Most have given up control to this invisible and all seeing hand we call government. We the people has become we the passive, uninformed, and powerless. One nation under God has become one nation under greed and corruption. The individual rights, liberties, and freedoms of the working class are slowly being stripped away by this unseen yet very effective force we call congress.

We seem to have become disempowered, unenlightened observers of our own self-inflicted undoing. How can we kill the dragon if we continue to feed and fatten it? How can we build a new machine if we are so much a part of the one we want to destroy? What are we willing to give up? How committed can we be? How much energy and effort can we invest in change?

Most of you, if not all of you, will continue to feed and nourish wall street. You have credit cards, bank loans, welfare, housing assistance, you live in overpriced homes, drive overpriced cars and trucks. You waste money when you shop.You practice consumer crazed XMAS without even understanding why. You dance with the demons on Halloween and call it the fall festival. You are lulled and duped on Valentine's Day. You dig swimming pools you never swim in. You spend much more than you make. You waste water, electricity, gas, and even space. You want the lifestyle but not the responsibility that goes with it.

What are you teaching your children? What kind of example are you setting? How hard do you work in your community for change? How much time do you waste sitting around looking stupid? Are you eat up with dumb ass? Are you in your own little world, your bubble, your glass house, you comfort zone? Did the like button make you feel special this morning? Did you get fooled into signing one of those information sucking petitions on the computer? Well my, my aren't you something (NOT).

If you are going to remain part of the problem at least admit it. If you are going to be passive at least own up to it. Opinions are like assholes. Everybody's got one. We are drowning in opinion. What we need is action, physical movement, revolution in all forms, confrontation and more confrontation.

If you are feeding the dragon of wall street then I say sit down and keep your mouth shut. If your life revolves around the like button and comment section on FB then I say you deserve everything you get. If you spend more than you make I say you should hang yourself from the nearest tree and do us all a favor. If you have massive debt to pass onto your kids you should be ashamed. As long as you are in bed with the pimp you cannot condemn the whore.

Americans are spoiled rotten. Even the self made homeless here live like kings compared to many other countries. If we can only step back and get out of ourselves long enough to see. We just might be able to save ourselves and each other. If we can tame that animal within us. If we can once and for all stop making love with the machine. We just might save ourselves and the future.

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