Thursday, November 6, 2014

Just Be by Kiler Davenport

This god. This thing. This odyssey. This bewildering, long lasting dream. Contemplation will not bring clarification. I ponder. I seek. I stand in awe.

My young life was wanting. My midyears confusing. And now I am back at the starting place. I know nothing. I am nothing. I seek nothing.

What is the we, the you, the I, them and us? Are we not all together in this matrix? Are we somehow divided and special? Do we not seek the same things, the same love, caring, understanding and security? What is it that makes us think we are so different?

We pass gas. We excrete the waste. We salivate, sweat, vomit, fall, slander and gravitate towards those dark moments. We are all susceptible to what might be called evil. Yet isn't this just an illusion. A trick of the senses. An evolutionary diversion.

What is evolution? What is creation, existence, consciousness, love, the collective, the community, the all in all in us?

I seek to explore, implore, draw out, beg the question of this matrix. What is it? How could it possibly be? Where could it possibly be?

We know not where we are. We know not of the place from whence we came and we no not where we might go as we take that last and final breath. So let us rejoice in this moment of ecstasy. This orgasm of the senses. This realization of some delusion of reality. This ecstatic moment we call existence, consciousness, reality, the I AM, the me, the self. Look at me, me, me.

Dissolve yourself into this paradigm. This dark and empty void. These particles dancing in this orgy of exultation and primordial soup. Seek to become. Seek to know that you do not know. Be naked. Walk on this bare ground with your bare feet. Extend your arms into this vast unknowable void and just be. Just be. Just be.

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