Monday, November 17, 2014

God Not With Us by Kiler Davenport

God is not with us my friends. For these are the last days. It does not take a big brain to see and know this and it is not religion that I am even talking about. It is common sense as daddy used to say. Yes we have been lost for a long time my friends. We have only ourselves to blame.

Let me tell you something. I have burned and buried my share of bodies and I have held many in my arms as they took their last suffering breath and it is not easy for me at all to tell you this. Many of you will not get this at all because you are dead already and you will stay dead. Let me tell you that there is a God and there is a method to all of this madness and folly. However most of you will not listen to common wisdom that I give you here and the Holy books talk of this. It is not easy to free yourself from your self made prison and it is not easy to see what I am saying here at all.

The mark that all of you know about is being bound up in the self and not willing to listen to wisdom and instruction. Only this simple wisdom will save you from this madness. God’s word is everywhere for all times. God’s wisdom comes in many forms and through many people. It is a very simple message and not complex at all. All of the Holy books require action and physical contact.
Call on the sage, the guru, the Jesus, the Holy man. Call out from the ends of the earth and ask that they open your eyes to the truth of their words.

None of these matter at this point. All of these things that you perceive are illusion. Now you must fight the good fight and walk in the ways of those that knew these things. You must reach out to those who are hurting and suffering. For this is the way of salvation and freedom. You must act. Lift your brothers and sisters up and feed them and cloth them and comfort them and love them.

Stay away from the fads and movements and protests and groups that say come with us and find freedom in the self. Stay clear of those who wave the hads and claim to speak from the dead and other dimensions. Do not go around the ones who claim to be from other planets for they are lost forever. Be of good cheer and go out and bring in those who are suffering, the old, the children, the ill of mind, body and soul. Comfort the lost and lonely and depressed and this will set you free.

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