Sunday, December 16, 2012


religion is the poison of the world. man made and powerful it keeps the masses in check and strips the person of individual power. it is used as an excuse to divide and overpower the savage. it is called up by government when they need a resolution to kill. it is used to fatten the pockets of those who have learned to speak its mystery.

it is used to divide the masses and destroy nations and kill the innocents. we do not know God. we do not know even where we are or from where we came. we are like small rats in this game of life. we have torn God into a million pieces and mocked the prophets. millions of holy books gathering dust on coffee tables around the world.

blacks hating whites,whites hating whites,whites hates blacks and all hating each other. my way, your way, their way, our way, where does it end. why should we pretend to be good when that is impossible. why should we lash out at one another as if we had the answers. we are all lost in the dark, treading very deep and uncharted water.

we should fall to our knees and bow to the one who is alpha and omega. we
should know that we are all in the same boat. God must look at the heart and spirit of man. for if God graded us on our actions we would all surely die.

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